Schoenberg: Concerto after Monn; Concerto after Handel; Theme and Variations

Arnold SCHOENBERG (1874-1951)

Concerto in G Minor for Harpsichord and Orchestra adapted for cello and orchestra (after Monn) / Concerto for string quartet and orchestra in B flat major – A free interpretation of the Concerto Grosso Op. 6 No. 7 (after Handel) / Theme and Variations Op. 43B

MDR Sinfonieorchester • Jun Märkl

Johannes Moser (cello), Quartuor Diotima

One side of Schoenberg that has been given much too little attention is the fact that he always understood himself as part of the historical development of music. The present recordings are intended to underline precisely that aspect. Schoenberg’s involvement with other composers’ works amount to more than mere orchestration, coupling a very specific instrumentation with a reinterpretation. That is suggested by the considerably increased forces called for, as well as by the very detailed indications for dynamics and phrasing, which transplant the original works into the twentieth century. Schoenberg’s works are repeatedly characterised by the simultaneous use of Baroque and Classical forms, as is very clearly evident in the variations of op. 3b (Jun Märkl)

United Kingdom